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The less I write.. - a cold glow when the lights are out [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
benjamin adrian

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The less I write.. [Apr. 30th, 2012|12:28 pm]
benjamin adrian
The less I write an reflect, the more I expect to have something big to say when I do stop to say hello here.

Things are great. My job rules. I'll be going to Hawaii soon to get hitched. I have a Cartographer show coming up. I'm playing music with a variety of new people, looking for the right fit.

I feel like I'm teeming with creativity that I'm either too busy or too exhausted to get out. There is a lot of work and planning going into the wedding and wedding parties. Claudia is doing far more of it than I am, and I'm grateful. Still, i have a large number of half finished projects that are yelling my name. I hope to be able to tackle some in the near future.

But that opens another crazy door. I feel like I need better planning and organizing in life. Then I spend an evening trying to think of better ways to plan and organize when I could have just worked on a project. I think I'm just maybe not that great on solo artistic endeavors.

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[User Picture]From: benadrian
2012-04-30 11:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you, miss.
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