a cold glow when the lights are out

benjamin adrian
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400 blows, 4ad, airiel, ambient music, amps, analog tape, antioch arrow, atonality, auburn lull, autumn, bart, being vegetarian, bicycles, big black, blade runner, bobs, bowling, breathing, brian eno, bulldogs, cartographer, cello, charlatans uk, chilly air, chrome, cloves, clunky shoes, cocteau twins, coffee, cohen brothers, compasses, creation records, delay pedals, devices, distortion, drive like jehu, drum machines, drums, e-bow, echo, fog, food, fugazi, fuzz pedals, german cars, glasses, greenlight the bombers, guitar vs. gravity, hal hartley, indianapolis, iron lung, jesus and mary chain, joy division, king crimson, kraftwerk, kurt vonnegut, l.a. confidential, landscapes, little debbies, low, lush, mahogany, manatees, mandroids, maps, math, maximalism, microphones, minimalism, moggs, mogwai, music that annoys people, my bed, my bloody valentine, my mom, noir, oakland, ocean blue, oxes, philip k. dick, physics, pop lolita, pugs, radiohead, rain, rapeman, recording music, repitition, replicator, reverb, rickenbackers, ride, rocking out, san francisco, saraswati, schematics, scotch, shellac, skirts (not on me), slayer, sleep, slowdive, sohcahtoa, sound, spring, spring reverb, steve reich, stone roses, stuff, sweep the leg johnny, telecasters, the big lebowski, the church, the cure, the desert, the librarians, the smell of solder, the sunflower conspiracy, the usual suspects, thunderstorms, thx 1138, ties, tinkering, tiny amps, tom waits, tonality, transmetropolitan, tube amps, unwound, vacuum tubes, venture bros., vinyl, viola, william gibson, wind